The Scott Resort

I have always had a strong desire to visit Arizona because I grew up just one state away, yet had NEVER been there! So Jordan and I decided to take a little weekend trip to escape the cold and stay at the beautiful Scott Resort in Scottsdale. We wanted a mellow weekend to relax and rejuvenate because we were just coming off of a month long European work trip with our little video production company which was amazing but insanely busy and travel international travel is always exhausting! So we loved the idea of staying at a resort! The grounds were SO beautiful it was such an incredible cuban vibe and I literally wanted to renovate my entire house after seeing this place because it was truly so beautiful! The food at the Canal Club was soo yummy as well! We loved hanging out poolside soaking in the warm sunshine the pools are amazing and the private cabanas are nothing short of perfection! They had fun events constantly, outdoor movies, dancing, and bikes you can take for a spin! We are already looking forward to coming back to The Scott!

Mountains Callin' Me

Home for the holidays so we decided to get in the holiday spirit the best way we know how, going up to the mountains to try to catch some SNOW and some good views. 

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Orange You Glad?

As summer is coming to an end I'm finding myself in that awkward, can't decide how I actually feel phase. You know mourning summer but kinda can't wait for sweaters and all things pumpkin spice? My heart is kinda breakin' a little bit though because Jordan and I are going to be gone ALL of October... yes literally ALL of October and while I am so excited about the places we are traveling to for work I can't help but be a little sad I'm missing my favorite time of year at home. Luckily we get home two days before Halloween (our absolute favorite holiday) so we will get a little taste of fall before we head out to Australia + New Zealand! Guess I can't really complain ;P


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