Flower Shop Gang

Anytime you shoot with Kortni Jeane you know you are in for a good time + the cutest suits! What's better than hanging out in a flower shop with a bunch of babes? Until we accidentally crashed a wedding reception.. yeeeah that happened.. WHOOPS! haha we had to walk through the reception part of the garden in order to get to the bathrooms to change hahaha luckily by the time the reception officially started we were able to wrap up our shoot but man those early comers had some funny entertainment watching us all try to cover up as we sheepishly raced through to get to the bathrooms. At least it makes for a good story, eh?

Photographer | Brooke Stapleton


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Seven Peaks // Kortni Jeane

Photographer: Brooke Stapleton

Swimmers: Kortni Jeane

Seven Peaks Waterpark

There is nothing quite like having a water park all to yourself bright & early in the morning! This shoot was honestly so much fun, I loved being able to meet & hangout with such a fun group of people!

PS if you haven't gotten your Pass Of All Passes yet, DO IT! Jordan & I honestly live there when we aren't working.