Home Sweet Home

The whole experience of building our home was kind of a whirlwind for us. We weren't planning on getting serious about looking into buying/building for another year or so, but an opportunity came along that just smacked us square in the head and we couldn't say no! We had been working really hard to save up for a down payment and when we found the perfect area for us with a floorplan we were legitimately obsessed with (aand we still are) we had to JUMP! For anyone who has built with a mass builder or is looking to just know it is an absolute pain the butt, they WILL mess things up, they will try to cut corners but it's an exciting process as well. And at the end of the day you have the home that you love so in my opinion it's worth all the garbage they will put you through. We visited our home while it was being built every possible chance we got which sometimes was multiple times a day. It was so exciting for Jordan and I to work so hard for something together and to watch our little home be built and imagine the day when we have kids running around, scribbling on walls, and coloring on couches it made it that much more real and exciting for us. When we first moved in and for the next 6 months honestly our house was basically empty, but that didn't matter to us because we loved our little house that we built together so much. We have been in our home now for almost a year and have made so many fun memories here, I cannot wait for many more to come!  

We finallllyyyy got our house put together enough for an in home shoot with my amazing friend Shleeeeeeeeee! We'd been planning this shoot since the day we moved in, we just had to furnish first. For all you first time home owners out there... you know how expensive/difficult that can be, we are STILL trying to fill some of the empty rooms and probably will be for the next few years! We got to work with Four Chairs Furniture for about 90% of the furniture/decor in our home, we loooove love everything they do!