How To Work With Wind When Modeling

Clothing: Robbie & Co

Photographer: Alysha Caufman

You would never guess by looking at these photos that this entire shoot it felt like we were trapped inside a wind tunnel! So how did we pull it off? Well one thing I've learned from experience with modeling it to not let different situations and circumstances that might be out of your comfort zone intimidate or frustrate you. For this shoot we tried to find as much shelter from the buildings as possible and waiting for little breaks in the gusts but sometimes you just gotta go with it! Shooting in wind can be a nightmare but it can also be dreamy, especially with clothes/hair that allow for the wind to give it some good movement. So rather than getting frustrated that your hair feels like it is out of control and the dress in blowing up in between your legs making it look like you have a wedgie (yes this has happened more times than I care to admit) use the wind to your advantage! If the wind is blowing your hair back making it look like you don't have hair at all just rotate a bit! Change your angle so the wind is carrying your hair making you look like you're floating down straight from heaven. Same goes for clothing if the wind is pushing the clothes straight into your body rotate so that it is showing off movement in the clothing. Seems like pretty simple stuff right? Easier said then done when you've got wind in your face but next time you find yourself in this situation take a deep breath and think all the variables for each shot and each outfit! Feel free to communicate with the photographer let them know to be your eyes! 

Hopefully this will help ya not be intimidated by wind and maybe even excited to shoot in it!!


I've recently started investing in higher quality makeup. I've been a drugstore makeup kind of gal since I prematurely started wearing it and only recently did I finally cave and started investing into the good stuff..... my world has been completely rocked. But wait it gets better, now I've started getting more experimental with colors & the way I apply and I'm having wayyy too much fun! I'm officially sucked in. I got to play with Smith & Cult makeup in pinky purple shades and I'm totally diggin' it. I was super impressed by the quality of the product as well. Here is a little viddy tutorial I put together featuring some of my favorite products from their new line.

FAVORITE LIPSTICKS | colors & brands

ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!! You guys asked for a "Favorite Lipsticks" video and it has been delivered! I'm finally sharing all of my favorite lipsticks! There are so many great colors & brands out there! I'm excited to share the ones that I have come across and absolutely loved! Hope you guys find some new favorites after watching this! Here are all the links to the lipsticks & liners used in the video!

what colors are your favorites?






You can get this NYC lipstick at most any drug store for 99 cents I would definitely recommend doing it that way!




You asked what the secret is to my beachy curls so I decided to put together a little hair tutorial for you guys & spill all of my secrets! So here it is, a super easy way to get natural beachy waves! If you have any other video suggestions or requests leave them in a comment! xo