GROW YOUR PINTEREST ACCOUNT and other social platforms

I don't know about you guys but trying to grow my pinterest account (and all social accounts for that matter) has been a very slooooww moving train. I had done research I was trying different tactics but it was just too much and in all reality wasn't my priority and I couldn't focus as much time and attention on it as I wanted. Who has time to pin every hour? Not me, not you! Needless to say it has been a slightly frustrating relationship with pinterest specifically & me. I recently stumbled upon a blog post talking about a little miracle worker called Viraltag for managing your social media accounts, so naturally I had to give it a shot........ GAME OVER. I have been using it for 7 months now and have GROWN my pinterest account from 873 followers (it had been around this number for about 2 years) to 13,235 followers and growing consistently ... DO YOU NEED MORE PROOF THAN THAT???? You guys I feel like I cracked the code or something! I love to use Viraltag to automatically schedule my blog posts to pinterest. As a blogger you know you don't want to pin 10 images from the same blog post all at once, but you want to post all 10 images but you aren't going to remember to hop on pinterest hourly to schedule each individual image. It let's you schedule your pins time, date, how much time between your pins, what board you want each pin to go to, what you want the description to be, repin old pins.. the possibilities are ENDLESS and to be quite honest I haven't even scratched the surface myself! My favorite feature is the Viraltag button downloaded on my dashboard. It makes it so anytime I'm browsin' on da web and I see an image I like BOOM a little button pops up in the corner of the image, I click it and it adds it to my queue. Now tell me that isn't magic? It makes it so easy to manage different social accounts (yes you can manage multiple) stay active, and GAIN active followers! I'm sharing this because I wish so badly someone would have told me about it! There is so much value in having a little secret weapon like Viraltag because we are human and we can only handle so much and do so many things at once. If nothing else try the 2 week free trial and watch it do it's magic. You can thank me later ;)

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