Microblading x Ero Edge

After years of being self conscious about my eyebrows & filling them in for far to long, day after day. I was sick of seeing all these gorgeous people with the most perfect full eyebrows and wondering why I wasn't blessed with brows like that?! I've always had semi whimpy brows, then you give a teenage girl tweezers who doesn't know what she is doing and well I think I did a little bit of damage (hindsight, it's a killer). I was at a casting and the director looked me up and down and then stopped on my face and asked "Do you pluck your eyebrows?" "I used to." I said so embarrassed. "Yeah, you should stop." was her response.... that put me over the top on the self conscious scale and I knew I had to do something! I finally got brave & decided to get my eyebrows mircobladed! I've had been interested in some sort of permanent solution to my brows for a long time, but was not brave enough to do it. What if they mess it up? What if it looks horrible? It is permanent so I'd be stuck with it! All these things rushed my head anytime I considered it, so I decided to do my research. I cannot tell you how many accounts, websites & blogs I looked at to try to find someone whose work was, well on fleek. I finally found Alyssa (Ero Edge) and was amazed at how natural & amazing every single one of her client's brows looked after she had worked her magic on them. I knew she was the one person I could trust with my eyebrows. We scheduled my appointment and I was counting day the days!

Here's all you need to know about getting your brows microbladed!

DAY OF // When I got to my appointment Alyssa was so sweet and made me feel so comfortable. She was very good to inform me of the procedure and ask every question she could to make sure I was going to be getting exactly what I wanted out of this experience. 

We talked shape, color, size, density, you name it. I came with pictures of how I typically filled in my brows and liked them to look so she could get a visual of what I was looking for. To determine the shape she drew it on so we could SEE the shape and tweak anything I wanted. We also smeared color swatches on my forehead so that I could see the different shades and tones of colors and choose the one I thought looked the best. It was SO helpful! Alyssa told me she likes to go on the very natural side for the initial session so that we avoid any over doing it, and we could add anything more I wanted during the enhancement session. Which I totally appreciated.

Then it was time to get going on the actual microblading. The process went pretty quickly & I was comfortable the whole time. She even encouraged me to watch so that I could see and understand what was going on, which I loved! And all of you who follow me on snapchat (kaitlynoelle) got to witness it first hand! And no! It doesn't hurt! Alyssa completely numbed my eyebrows first thing so they were nice and numb by the time she actually started the procedure. Once she was finished she had me take a look to see what I thought, we added a few additional brushstrokes & then it was all done! I could official join the good brows club!

Ask plenty of questions & feel free to give any suggestions/changes throughout the process and especially before you start and when you are determining shape & color!

Don't worry if they look a little bit dark for the first week or so! Alyssa informed me so well on everything that would & could happen during the healing process so I knew exactly what to expect. They will fade after the first week and gradually get more and more natural. 

Mircoblading is a semi permanent procedure where tiny hair like brushstrokes are added in the superficial layer of skin that lasts between a year to a year and a half! HALLELUJAH! A few weeks after the initial procedure when your brows are all healed up you have an enhancement session! This is where you fill in any hairs that have faded, make changes, add more, go a little bit more dramatic, etc! and after that you are good to go for up to a year and a half! That is magic!

Before you book a microblading appointment DO YOUR RESEARCH!! In most cases you get what you pay for. Find someone you trust & someone that is experienced in microblading. Get recommendations, talk to a few different people, and find the right fit for you! I am seriously so impressed with Alyssa through and through! I would highly recommend her to anyone! She was an absolute dream to work with! 

If you have been on the fence about getting this done to your brows, I would highly recommend it. It has made my getting ready routine so much faster not having to try to get my brows filled in and even! We all know that nightmare too well. 

check out more of Alyssa's work at

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feel free to leave any questions, I'd be happy to answer them!