Thailand pt. 1 Bangkok + Chiang Mai

We traveled to Thailand to film a short film documentary & produce a behind the scenes video of the film as well. It was constantly go go go. In the midst of all the hectic craziness it was so important for Jordan & I to take the time to make special moments and memories together while we were in this crazy place. Since being home everyone has asked "How was Thailand?" and there are simply no words to describe it. So with iphone video and a few handheld camera shots (which is far from our typical set up) we threw together a quick highlight of our experience. (Separate from our behind the scenes series - STAY TUNED it's going to be an amazing series) Our itinerary was INSANE 13 flights in 14 days, yes that is real. But so worth getting to see and experience everything that we did. Here is Part 1 of our trip


(be sure to turn the quality all the way up on this viddy)