Reasons To Love Being Married

Jordan & I have only been married for a year and a half now, but in that short amount of time I have learned so much, there have been ups and downs no doubt, but we have been able to accomplish so much together and continue to grow together. I value my marriage so much, I would not choose anything over my marriage with Jordan. So I decided to put together a few reasons why I think marriage really is the best, hopefully you can relate in some way! 

You have a permanent boyfriend/girlfriend - One who you can rant to, text a million times in a row about who knows what, go without wearing any makeup, send your ugliest snap chats to and you know no matter what they will still be there, and they will still love you.

You have someone to take care of you - Through sickness & in health. You have someone who will hold you hair back, run to the store in the middle of the night, or surprise you with the perfect pick me up on a down day. Your spouse always has your best interest at heart and really will do anything for you, especially in times of need. Even things like doing the dishes or helping you with work, to save you from feeling like you are drowning. Every little thing counts.

You have your own personal cheerleader - Just like Omi says "Ooh I think that I found myself a cheerleader, she is always right there when I need her." Your spouse is your #1 supporter and wants you to succeed in everything you do. No matter how crazy your ideas are, your spouse is there to cheer you on, chase your dreams, and help you make anything happen.

You can truly be yourself - No matter how weird that may be, your weirdness is embraced and appreciated. Why? Because your spouse is just as weird (haha). For Jordan and I it's out doing each other's accent's or voices, coming up with new ones, and having dialogues in them (yes, we both probably should be doing cartoon voice overs for a living). You accept each other's weird quirks and genuinely love those things about each other. On a more serious note, you can express genuine thoughts, feelings, ideas, concerns, etc. without worrying about being judged or worrying about what your spouse will think, you have a safe place to be open and honest.

You have your own personal side kick & partner in crime - Someone to attend every event with, A VALENTINE EVERY VALENTINE'S DAY, someone to be responsible to every time you set a new goal, someone to daydream with about what's next in life and setting goals for how you are going to achieve it, a spontaneous road-trip partner & travel buddy, someone who will have a dance party to Ke$ha with you (guilty pleasure, don't judge haha). Basically you get to do anything and everything with your best friend and yes it's amazing.

When you get married you gain the super power of telepathy - That is real, you gain the ability to read your spouse's mind. I have found this to be true especially with working together. We will be shooting something and I can look across the room give Jordan a wink or a look and he knows EXACTLY what I'm thinking and vice versa! It's really nice actually. In any situation, all it takes is a look, and sometimes not even that, and either of you know perfectly what's going on in the other one's head.

You get to create traditions together - Based on the things you find that you both absolutely love you start to form little traditions together, some are intentional and some just happen because you love doing something so much you just keep wanting to do it! Fall time is probably our favorite time of year for traditions. Some of which include motorcycle rides through the Alpine Loop to see the pretty leaves and stopping at Sundance for some tortilla soup and a giant cookie, picking grapes fresh from the vine and making homemade grape juice and jelly, this one is quite the process, but so worth it every time we pop open a jar of homemade grape juice. I'm excited to to develop more and more traditions that we can share together and one day with our own little family.

You get to cuddle, like ALL the time - This one has got to be my favorite. Falling asleep cuddling and waking up just to cuddle some more is seriously the best. You cuddle while watching movies before bed, and if you fall asleep on the couch, no biggie! You can snuggle up at any given moment in the day, and really I look forward to it so much. We will both be at home working and decide we need to take a quick break so we will go back to bed and snuggle up for minute. It makes for the perfect little break.

It was so fun getting Jordan in front of the camera with me for a change instead of being behind one! It's not very often we get to do shoots like this together, so I cherish them so much when they do happen!


Photography // Kaitlin O'Connor

Shoes // FRAU Shoes - Check out their website to see a little video of Jordan & I ;)