Utah Fashion Insider // Black Tie Affair

I recently had the opportunity to be a part of an absolutely GLAMMED out shoot for Utah Fashion Insider Magazine. (If you haven't checked it out yet make sure you give it a look, it's awesome!) We were interviewed on all things black tie, like I know a single thing firsthand, but hey a girl can dream right?? I have a strong love for this kind of thing! Getting dolled up for this shoot was so much fun & getting to wear a gorgeous Mary Rino was the icing on the cake!  I love what the Gals at UFI did with this shoot & can't wait to see what other amazing things they will do! Read on to see my interview ;) 

"I think you can make almost any outfit look glam with the right accessories. Jewelry and shoes are a huge part of that as well as things like your hair and makeup. You can be a little bit more bold and over the top with that all if your dress is less formal. It's all in the details! The little things really do make a big difference. My favorite part about black tie dressing is how amazing you feel! Who doesn't love getting all glammed up? Everyone looks & feels so beautiful and it makes for such a fun environment! I honestly gather so much of my fashion & especially formal inspiration from the Kardashians (NO shame). Let's face it they ALL are so fearless when it comes to their dress. They always have gorgeous and unique pieces & they wear them in a way that seems so fitting to them as individuals. Not to mention within the Kardashian sisterhood there is a plethora of looks & styles to gather inspiration from."

-xo Kaitlynoelle

Photography by: Brolin Roney @brolintaylor

Styled by: Natalie Workman @nataliewynndesign

Makeup by: Jessika Luz @jessikaluz and Perla Frida @perlafrida

Hair by: Jessica Taylor @noskpike and Lose Ngata @celestialrose_hairstyle1

Jewelry by: Katie Waltman @katiewaltman

Janay Marie evening gown @janaymarie on Nadya Cox @nadyacox

Mary Rino evening gown @lilybridedesigns on Kaitlyn Towner @kaitlynoelle

Natalie Wynn evening gown @nataliewynndesign on Haley McLachlan @haleymakail

Bree Lena evening gown @breelena on Mallory Gifford @mallorygifford 

Alexis Puglisi evening gown @lexpuglisi on Jenessa Sheffield @jenessa4