Antelope Island

After Jordan being gone for a week and summer dwindling down we decided we needed to make a bucket list for the rest of our summer of things we've been talking about doing and wanting to do for far too long now. So this past weekend we checked off going out to Antelope Island from our bucket list. It was my very first time being out there! I HAVE LIVED IN UTAH MY WHOLE LIFE AND HAD NEVER BEEN?! Don't make that same mistake! GO! It is so beautiful and honestly does not feel like Utah. We had Buffalo walking right alongside our car (insert gasping emoji) It reminded me of being in Africa on safari! We drove all over the island because we didn't want to miss anything! We climbed up to lookout points, walked along the water (beware the smell, that is very real) and made a 25 minute trek out to white rock bay. I swear it was a mirage Jordan kept telling me we would be to the water in a matter of 5 minutes and sometimes it honestly looked like we would be. So if you are wanting to go out to White Rock be prepared for a loooong walk. It is worth it!! I wished we had brought a blanket & a picnic to go sit on the "beach" and enjoy the beautiful Great Salt Lake. We were enjoying the sunset a little bit too much when we finally realized we had to make the same walk back and it was soon going to be dark + mosquitoes would be out and ready to attack, and I assure you they did. *If you are planning on being there in the evening BRING BUG SPRAY!* I would definitely recommend being there to watch the sunset though, it is so beautiful. We will definitely be making our way back out there, and a little bit more prepared the next time around. 

Hat & sunglasses // Tai Pan Traiding

Outfit // Piper&Scoot

Watch // Arvo