Our Story

Jordan and I met 3 years ago, though it feels like I've known him forever. 

My cousin Makenzie & I were at a dessert party in provo, enjoying the company of many new friends. Well this party started to die down, people start leaving when all of a sudden in walks my dream boy, a boy I was convinced literally came straight out of my dreams. I had a real life jaw drop moment and I turned to my cousin and said "I have to have him, I will get him!" A little overly confident on this one I guess. The rest of the evening I tried to get his attention, but he was NOT pulling the bait. I was not about to give up though, not just yet. When I went home of course I call my best friend overly excited to tell him I had LITERALLY just met my dream boy and that we needed to scheme how I could at least get on a date with him. Over the span of the next few months we hung out in a group setting but he never got my number (I did add him on Facebook, desperate times desperate measures right?) but he never seemed interested, he once even called me Emily, um excuuuuse me! (I later found out that was intentional, boys play games too!) So I gave up on him and said welp, I guess this ones not for me. Well fast forward seven months, I got the internship i had so desperately been wanting, and my location was MAUI! I was so unbelievably excited for this opportunity I couldn't wait to go be independent, meet new people, have this awesome experience and be living in such a beautiful place! Well a couple weeks before I was supposed to be leaving on my internship Jordan messaged me and was being awfully flirty. I was very surprised because I thought this kid had zero interest in me. He found out I was leaving to Hawaii and seemed very eager to hangout with me. So he finally got my number and asked me out. I couldn't believe it. Seriously? Right before I am about to leave on my dream internship, my DREAM BOY starts showing interest in me? What kind of timing is that?? So we had our first official hangout and things went very smoothly, he even convinced me to play him a few songs on the piano & sing to him, NOT something I would typically do for a boy I was extremely interested in, I'm usually too much of a baby. He subtly started playing with my hands and complimenting me and I couldn't help but feel so excited. We ended the night and first thing the next morning he started texting me about this band I had showed him. He then proceeded to make plans with me for that night, little did I know what was in store. He had to go to his best friends wedding dinner that night and then he wanted me to come see him for a little bit, so of course, I did. After a while of hanging out we decided to turn on a movie, well we ended up talking through the entire movie and he even planted a sweet kiss on my lips, how could I resist guys? This is my dream boy! The night felt like it was honestly standing still as we laid in his bed and just talked and would give a few small kisses and talk some more. We ended up talking the entire night and not just about surface level things I was really letting him in, and he was doing the same. When we looked at the clock we were both shocked to see that it was four in the morning. (WHOOPS!) It was unlike any experience I had ever had with a boy. It felt like a scene out of a movie, and I had never felt so comfortable around a boy before. It felt so natural. I remember Jordan telling me he wasn't letting me leave that night and that I had to stay with him simply because he didn't want me to leave. So I shamefully admit that I slept over, but I didn't sleep hahaha the whole night I was like Eunice Bates from She's The Man. I couldn't help but stare at this boy and just be in disbelief that I was cuddling with him. The next morning he invited me to go to his best friends wedding reception with him later that day, our first date. From there it was crazy how quickly we became connected. Every single day we were together all day because we both knew I was leaving so soon, but we wanted to squeeze in as much time as possible. When it was time for me to leave I was sad/excited all at the same time. Leaving Jordan was really scary for me because I had no clue what would happen while I was gone, but I was so excited for my internship. Jordan & I talked every single day while I was in Maui and got to know each other even better after many long phone & face time conversations. About halfway through my internship Jordan was able to come out and visit me. We were both a little nervous to see each other again for fear that things had changed while we were apart. Those nervous feelings disappeared the second I saw him turn the corner at the airport. It was like I never even left. The next week was probably the best of my life, showing Jordan around the island introducing him to my favorite beaches, snorkel spots, hikes & obviously Ululani's. It was sheer bliss having him out there, it felt so right. I had fallen in love with this boy, and I was sure of it. By the end of him being there, there was even subtle mention of the "M" word and by the time he was back home we both knew exactly what we wanted. The time came for me to leave Maui and it was very much bittersweet, but I missed my family and I missed my Jordan. I'll never forget the look on his face when I showed up to his apartment when I was supposed to still be in Hawaii. I surprised him for his birthday by coming home a few days early. A look of pure shock and disbelief, it was very satisfying, especially when he nearly dropped the dresser he was carrying because he was so surprised to see me. (haha I'm just glad he didn't actually drop it) From there we dated for 5 more months before we got engaged on the beautiful island of St. Kitts. (engagement video) The entire month before our wedding Jordan was traveling in Africa, I even got to go visit him while he was out there! Our wedding day was such an incredible day. I've never felt more happy emotions in my whole life. (wedding day video)  Life with Jordan has been more than I ever could have dreamed up on my own. We share a passion for so many of the same things, we get to travel & work with each other. Late nights in our "jam" room singing our lungs out & playing music. We lay in bed and laugh our heads off at the dumbest things. He supports me and loves me more than I sometimes feel like I deserve. He is my very best friend & I couldn't live a day without him.