We kicked off our crazy travel year with our first international trip to GUATEMALA with the amazing Nena & Co! I was super excited because it was my first time and from everything I had seen and heard it looked like a really beautiful, culture rich place. Needless to say we did NOT want to come home at the end of our trip and we even extended it a couple days longer than the group we were with! We spent most of our time in downtown Antigua which is probably the most charming little town ever. All of the buildings are so colorful and they all have AMAZING doors, and flowers planters on every window. The streets are all cobble stone which was so cute, but Jordan and I learned the hard way that going for a run on cobble stone streets is basically asking for a rolled ankle hahaha. We rented a motorcycle and had so much fun zipping around on that thing. The food and the shopping... UNREAL, we still crave the food and the shopping was so fun and colorful. I bought some beautiful one of a kind rugs to forever remind me of this amazing place! As we were walking around on our last night we both got so sad realizing we might not ever make our way back there (we hope that's not the case). Some of the highlight things we did in Antigua: We got to visit a hospital that cares for children whose families cannot. We got to play with these kids and snuggle them and it was the sweetest experience. Jordan and I also hiked a volcano and got to roast marshmallows at the top and I can't help but feel like I probably won't be doing anything like that again anytime soon. I also honestly loved just walking the streets of Antigua. Like I said it is so so charming and the people are so kind and every corner you turn your drooling because of how beautiful it all is. It was also SOO amazing to see the behind the scenes of Nena & Co and how their bags are made and to learn about the history. Jordan and I were filming and documenting for them and have some really fun content that will be rolling out over the next few months so go follow them so see it all! In the mean time here's a little taste of what we saw in Antigua.

Home Sweet Home

The whole experience of building our home was kind of a whirlwind for us. We weren't planning on getting serious about looking into buying/building for another year or so, but an opportunity came along that just smacked us square in the head and we couldn't say no! We had been working really hard to save up for a down payment and when we found the perfect area for us with a floorplan we were legitimately obsessed with (aand we still are) we had to JUMP! For anyone who has built with a mass builder or is looking to just know it is an absolute pain the butt, they WILL mess things up, they will try to cut corners but it's an exciting process as well. And at the end of the day you have the home that you love so in my opinion it's worth all the garbage they will put you through. We visited our home while it was being built every possible chance we got which sometimes was multiple times a day. It was so exciting for Jordan and I to work so hard for something together and to watch our little home be built and imagine the day when we have kids running around, scribbling on walls, and coloring on couches it made it that much more real and exciting for us. When we first moved in and for the next 6 months honestly our house was basically empty, but that didn't matter to us because we loved our little house that we built together so much. We have been in our home now for almost a year and have made so many fun memories here, I cannot wait for many more to come!  

We finallllyyyy got our house put together enough for an in home shoot with my amazing friend Shleeeeeeeeee! We'd been planning this shoot since the day we moved in, we just had to furnish first. For all you first time home owners out there... you know how expensive/difficult that can be, we are STILL trying to fill some of the empty rooms and probably will be for the next few years! We got to work with Four Chairs Furniture for about 90% of the furniture/decor in our home, we loooove love everything they do! 

think pink

Gearing up for Valentine's Day over here! All things pink & pretty while refraining from eating as many sweets as I want to cause New Years resolutions aaaaaand swim shoots coming up. I'm mostly excited for Valentine's Day to hurry up and get here because that means Jordan & I will be leaving the cold and heading down to Guatemala! In the mean time have a Valentine love affair with all of these amazing clothes! (insert heart eye emoji)

Clothing// Piper & Scoot

Photographer// Jordynn Buehner

Secret Weapon To Growing Your Pinterest

I don't know about you guys but trying to grow my pinterest account (and all social accounts for that matter) has been a very slooooww moving train. I had done research I was trying different tactics but it was just too much and in all reality wasn't my priority and I couldn't focus as much time and attention on it as I wanted. Who has time to pin every hour? Not me, not you! Needless to say it has been a slightly frustrating relationship with pinterest specifically & me. I recently stumbled upon a blog post talking about a little miracle worker called Viraltag for managing your social media accounts, so naturally I had to give it a shot........ GAME OVER. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and have seen more growth on my pinterest account in the last three weeks than I have seen in the last YEAR and that is an actual fact. You guys I feel like I cracked the code or something! I love to use Viraltag to automatically schedule my blog posts to pinterest. As a blogger you know you don't want to pin 10 images from the same blog post all at once, but you want to post all 10 images but you aren't going to remember to hop on pinterest hourly to schedule each individual image. It let's you schedule your pins time, date, how much time between your pins, what board you want each pin to go to, what you want the description to be, repin old pins.. the possibilities are ENDLESS and to be quite honest I haven't even scratched the surface myself! My favorite feature is the Viraltag button downloaded on my dashboard. It makes it so anytime I'm browsin' on da web and I see an image I like BOOM a little button pops up in the corner of the image, I click it and it adds it to my queue. Now tell me that isn't magic? It makes it so easy to manage different social accounts (yes you can manage multiple) stay active, and GAIN active followers! I'm sharing this because I wish so badly someone would have told me about it! There is so much value in having a little secret weapon like Viraltag because we are human and we can only handle so much and do so many things at once. If nothing else try the 2 week free trial and watch it do it's magic. You can thank me later ;)

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This is NOT a sponsored post, this is REAL LIFE!!



your girl.

"I'll Take This One!"

Because who doesn't love running around in a tree lot? I'm so grateful for this boy and his love for an adventure & a good time. 

Photographer// Kylee Shaw


Every winter I say I will never do winter shoots again, and every winter here I am in the heart of it freezing my buns off yet somehow still loving it.  

Also this place, Pierpoint Avenue in SLC, I never knew existed somehow and then I had 3 shoots here in ONE week. It is the cuuuutest little photo spot with lots of diversity if you're ever looking for a new spot to try out!

Photographer // Jordynn Buehner

Clothing // Piper & Scoot

Mountain Hangs

What I would give to have this weather baaaaack :'( It has been BEYOND freezing cold here and I already suffer the cold so much as is ahh! So excited to ditch the cold next month and hit GUATAMALA!!!! 

Photographer // Jordynn Buehner

Clothing // Piper & Scoot

Happy Campers

It's not very often Jord & I get to take pictures together, but when we do it's like pure gold to me! If we would have sent Christmas cards this year these definitely would have been them ;) We shot with the cutest Kylee Shaw & she absolutely killed it! Here's part one of our shoot!


Trying to get caught up on posting my all of shoots here on the blog! Wish me luck! (haha)

Piper & Scoot

Jordynn Buehner

Comfy Cozy

This post is dedicating to being comfortable, but looking cute while doing it!

Clothing // Brickyard Buffalo

Photographer // Lorena Rosser

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Mini House Tour | KAITLYNOELLE

I have had a LOT of requests to do a house tour, but we have been slowly putting our house together the way that we want it to be piece by piece. Getting into your first home can be overwhelming on so many levels. Choosing a vibe and feel for you home, then of course paying for all the expensive furniture. Jordan and I have been taking our time so that we could be sure we were filling our home with things we absolutely loved, and even though it's still not done I wanted to share the little bits of it that are.

Huge shout out to Four Chairs Furniture go check them out, you will fall in love!

& our amazing christmas tree from Tai Pan Trading <3

Brickyard Buffalo // Lorena Rosser

I've been absolutely terrible at blogging lately, my goal is to start posting more photo shoot photos on here! I shoot with different companies multiple times a week and want to start sharing the images because this is my work & this is what I do!! I love modeling and I love being in front of the camera in the least vain way possible hahaha! I love meeting and working with new people almost daily, it definitely keeps things exciting! Each company and photographer I work with has a different vibe and style they are going for and ever single shoot is different. This shoot is for one of the awesome companies I get to work with on a regular basis Brickyard Buffalo with Lorena Rosser behind the camera, check them both out!!

Clothing // Brickyard Buffalo

Photographer // Lorena Rosser


I've recently started investing in higher quality makeup. I've been a drugstore makeup kind of gal since I prematurely started wearing it and only recently did I finally cave and started investing into the good stuff..... my world has been completely rocked. But wait it gets better, now I've started getting more experimental with colors & the way I apply and I'm having wayyy too much fun! I'm officially sucked in. I got to play with Smith & Cult makeup in pinky purple shades and I'm totally diggin' it. I was super impressed by the quality of the product as well. Here is a little viddy tutorial I put together featuring some of my favorite products from their new line.

Pretty Thoughts Photoshoot

Collaboration with photographer Mallory Fraughton + MUA Alexa Harris

Velvet Skirt + Denim Jacket // Piper & Scoot

Long Sleeve White One Piece // Midsommar Swim

Jake & Angela Bridal

My cute sister in law Ange gets married this week!! I got to try my hand at wedding photography for their engagement + bridal session. These two are too beautiful not to share. 


The city that I never stop falling in love with. We went out with some of our good friends to visit another one of our good couple friends that just moved out to SF, so we figured it was the perfect excuse to take a little trip!

Activities I would highly recommend//

Giants Game - You can get tickets for super cheap, plus the views from the field are amazing! Just be sure to bundle up, it can get real chilly!

Redwoods - We went to the Muirwoods it was soooooo COOL! The Muirwoods are small patch compared to the actual "redwood forest" but it is the closest to the city. So if the redwoods are a high priority + you are up for a drive it may be worth doing, if not the Muirwoods are two thumbs up! 

Dolores Park - This park is HUGEEE + an amazing view of the city! It's the perfect picnic spot! Plus it's kiddie corner from Bi-Rite ice cream.

Golden Gate Park - Lots & lots going on here museums, exhibits, etc. I recommend looking into all the activities here to see if any spike your interest! It's a cool park.

BIKING THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE - Okay okay I have to start this one with a disclaimer. This bike ride is no cake walk! The hills (or the one main hill more) are... intense. However you can easily hop off your bike and walk it up or take a break if needed. We pushed through and I was shocked I was still alive hahaha maybe a little bit dramatic. Once you are on the actual bridge though it is amazing! The bridge itself is insane, then you've got ocean on all sides of you, and beautiful views everywhere as well! It also was dang windy! This was scary and exhilarating and crazy and amazing all at the same time. We also rode down into Sausalito the cutest little place & I loved it! The people we rented the bikes from gave us tickets to ride the ferry back but apparently the ferry is SO unreliable with their times and it was getting late so we ended up taking a cab back to the city. All in all this was for sure a highlight for me, and if the bike ride doesn't sound like your thing at least go walk on the bridge! 


Jordan & I have both been here a time or two and have our favorite food places here are some:

Tony's Pizza Napoletana - OH MA GOSH! These guys know how to do pizza, I still crave this place!

Biscuits & Blues - This place has a cool underground jazz vibe, you are literally in a basement with a live jazz band + the best southern comfort food! 

Burma Superstar - This is one of Jordan's very favorite places. Think Thai food but more exotic.

Bob's Donuts - Unfortunately we didn't make it here this trip, but this place came highly recommended! We were told 11pm - midnight is the best time to go!

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse - Be prepared to wait in a bit of a line, the wait is worth it! The yummiest pastries + lots of great photo opportunities ;)

Bi-Rite Ice Cream - Again didn't make it here but we have heard amazing things so I had to throw it on here!

Hope this list can help you have an enjoyable trip to SF the next time you go!



FAVORITE LIPSTICKS | colors & brands

ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!! You guys asked for a "Favorite Lipsticks" video and it has been delivered! I'm finally sharing all of my favorite lipsticks! There are so many great colors & brands out there! I'm excited to share the ones that I have come across and absolutely loved! Hope you guys find some new favorites after watching this! Here are all the links to the lipsticks & liners used in the video!

what colors are your favorites?






You can get this NYC lipstick at most any drug store for 99 cents I would definitely recommend doing it that way!



Wanderlust | BTS Modeling

I've had so many people ask me about modeling, how I got started, how I land jobs, what shoots look like, etc. So I decided to bring you guys along with me on a shoot so you can see first hand what they are like! Hope you enjoy! xo


Let's go camping! Roasting mallows on the stove top, tents in the living room made out of blankets, ghost stories by the fireplace, sleeping bag snuggles & pancakes for breakfast. That's my kind of camping.

Saddle Bag                         |                         Watch